Monday, October 13, 2014

I am still around, PROMISE!

Hi ho my blogger friends! Man it has been a while since I have blogged. Life is just plain crazy and time goes way to fast. So here is a quick (everything I do is quick now that I have a 2 year old on my hands) update on life around here with a little randomness in between.

In June for Logan 10th birthday (we are in the double digits now, remember?) we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge. Wow, we had a blast and can't wait to go back. I HIGHLY recommend it if you have one near you.

In August our Noodle turned TWO...say what!? I just hate how fast time goes these days. We did a circus themed party this year and it was awesome. He is a 33lb, silly, sweet and oh so cute little guy that keeps us on our toes everyday!

In September, my big kids went back to school. This is the last year they will be in school together until Logan is a senior and Abby is a freshman, CRAZINESS! Also, this is the last year they will ride a bus together. Again, time please slow down!
October marked 17 months (where I started) since I started my AdvoCare journey and I am proud of myself for sticking and staying for 17 months to become a healthier mama for not only myself but my 3 kids. I will ALWAYS be thankful for AdvoCare and speak of it with passion because I believe it taught me it is not about dieting but a I will live the rest of my life. I LOVE helping others see how it can change their life. If you've been waiting & watching, today is YOUR DAY! I wouldn't wait another second to say yes. I would love to coach you & help you reach your goals too!

This past weekend Matt and I had a date night that was long over due! We didn't do anything crazy. just dinner and a little shopping/browsing. Time with this guy makes my heart so very happy! He is the love of my life, best friend and I can't imagine doing life with anyone else! <3
That is all I have! I will try to touch base more often than every 4 months, haha! Hope everyone is doing well and happy Monday! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Adventures in pool owning...

So Matt and I decided that we would try our hands at a pool this year. Taking the kids to a pool is EXPENSIVE and Lucas only last about 2 hours. We figure this way the big kids can swim their little hearts out all day.

We got a great deal on a 14' x 42" Pro Series Metal Frame Intex pool from WalMart. Set up was super easy but it took FOREVER to fill using our hose but we have well water so it is free to fill. After two days of off and on filling (we had stuff going on and didn't want to leave it running while we were gone) it was finally full Sunday about 3pm. Being it was well water it was ICE cold. After Abby's dance recital Sunday the kids wanted to test it out. They lasted about 10 mins. Monday they were in and out of it a few time because it was still chilly. I made it to the pool store for chlorine tablets Monday afternoon and we add them before we went to bed.

Here comes the not so good part...we woke up to a slightly green tint to the pool. Well I called Matt and he said to shock it...thinking the green was algae, I shocked it. Well, it turned even more green instantly....
You can clearly still see the bottom which was confusing to me. So back to the pool store I went for more supplies. They test the water and it was perfect other than HIGH phosphates. I got something for that and still this morning it is green. After some online research last night, I believed we have metals in our well water. Cooper to be exact. We added a white rag in the filter area before bed last night and this is how it came out of there this morning...
Can you say YUCK!!!!! I almost crapped myself when I saw it, haha!! Definitely metals...back to the pool store again today for some Metal Free. I feel like it is working but then again not. I guess we will see in the morning for sure.

Moral of the story...I am NOT cut out to have a pool. While obviously we will not be taking this one down, I do hope to get it all fixed so the kids can enjoy it in the coming weeks of HOT weather! I will keep you posted!

Oh and if anyone has had this issue please give me some advise! It will be must appreciated! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

We have entered DOUBLE digits!!!

Ahhhh, how is Logan TEN...I mean he really was JUST born, right!? The whole "the older you get the faster it goes" saying is so true. 

On this day 10 years ago I became a mommy for the first time. I always knew I wanted to have kids but I don't think you really know how much your heart can love someone until you are a parent. Logan is the sweetest young man with a heart of gold. He is a daddy's boy through and through! I am beyond thankful I was picked to be his mommy.

A little look through the years...

Now I am off to cry! haha ;)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sweet Summer Time!!!!!!!

HELLO my blogger friends!!!!! I know, I know it has been forever since I blogged but life is just so crazy. I could make a promise to blog more but I would just end up disappointing everyone (because I know you live for my blog post, haha).  So much has been going on so I will try to catch you up.

Logan and Abby have their last day of school today. Crazy how slow but yet how fast it went. This mama is beyond ready for summer break. Here is their first and last day of school pictures.

Last weekend Matt and Logan did a mud run together! They had a blast and will definitely be doing another one soon. Abby wants to join them next time too! Matt is doing the Tough Mudder tomorrow with some guys from his work. They are CRAY CRAY (click the link and you will see why!) if you ask me but he LOVES them.

Logan's 10th birthday is next week,  Abby has her dance recital, and the following weekend we are going to the Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend. I will be nice to get away for the weekend and have some fun. The big kids are taking swim lessons on Tuesday's and are doing great. I am in full party planning mode for Lucas 2nd birthday (CRAZY my baby will be 2)! I will share the theme and all the pictures after. 

That is life as of right now...busy, busy, busy! July will be more relaxed but August will be packed again. Lucas' birthday, Matt and I in Dallas for AdvoCare Success School and classed start back up for Matt again (BLAH!). We are hoping to fit in a weekend trip to the beach at some point.

I will leave you with this cutie! He is making HUGE progress with his speech. I will update all that on his 2 year post in about a month and a half.

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer break (who knows if I will be back before it's over, haha) and enjoy your vacations!