Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am around...

Wow, crazy how life happens and before you know it a month goes by or even a year! Is it really going to be 2014 soon!? I wish time would slow down but we all know that is not going to happen. The old we get the faster it goes, unfortunately!

I am in the process of planning Abby's 7th, yes people 7th, birthday. Um, how is that possible!? Wasn't she just born like yesterday!? OK, wiping away the tears. *sigh* We are having a Diva Rock Star party. Her present this year was a redo of her bedroom which is zebra and hot pink. Post and pics coming soon on that. I chose her party theme to go with her room so I can reuse party decor in there. Pretty genius, right!? haha This is one thing I made for the party that I will put it in her room after.

The party is coming together nicely but I still have a lot to finish and only 2 weeks to get it done in! Yikes!

A little update on Lucas...

He is a BIG boy. At his 15 month check up he was 29lbs 7oz and 32 3/4 in. I worry he is not eating enough but with those stats he must be getting plenty. Last week was a rough week for the little guy. He had a double ear infection which was the second time in 2 week so we opted for the antibiotic injections for 3 days in a row to hopefully get rid of them this go around. As hard as it was to see him cry the minute we walked into the exam room it worked! His ears looked great yesterday which meant no ENT appt! Yay! He did have to get 2 vials of blood drawn and 3 shots so that of course traumatized the guy even more. Although I think it was harder on me then him in the long run...isn't that how it always works!? He is a walking/runnning machine and finally drinking from a straw cup like a pro. We are still working on talking though. We are just started teaching him some signs for base communication, like please, more, and thank you. He favorite sound right now is DA. He point and says DA to everything. I am still waiting for the mama, because lets face it, that the most important first word! haha ;)

My AdvoCare business keep this mama busy as well. I hit my goal weight of 125 (124.5 actually) and I am LOVING how I feel. I want to share these amazing products with the world. I am earning an income I didn't think was possible while still being home with my kiddos. Christmas is going to be a lot least stressful this year because of it. I am beyond thankful I said YES to this amazing company back in May for both the weight loss and financial opportunity!

I am hoping to get back to more post but don't hate me if I don't. Life is just crazy and with the holidays it will likely be even more crazy! Hope everyone is doing well!


Jen said...

You are one busy lady! :)