Monday, December 16, 2013

Five Ways Your Kids Can Help You Clean Up Around the Home!

If you are like me, you are always looking for way for your older kids to help around the house. 
Here are some great ideas!

As a parent it can sometimes be hard to find the time to get the house as organized as you like it. There are many responsibilities and tasks that you need to juggle; just some of these include work, getting the kids to and from school, cooking meals, and making the home a safe and loving environment. It is nice to get a bit of help now and again, which is why it can be constructive to get your children involved in the household chores. There are certain jobs that won’t be suitable for children, so what tasks can you get them to do.

Recycling duties

Most kids will learn all about recycling at school, meaning they should be able to get involved with this activity when they are at home. All areas have slightly different colored bins, and rules on what can and cannot be put in them. You should be able to download a list for your area from your council’s website; why don’t you stick this to the fridge or by the back door? Your children will then be able to put plastic bottles and newspapers into the right bins.

Tidying their rooms

Many kids think that there are many more fun activities they could be doing than cleaning their rooms, so for the most reluctant of children you could try offering an incentive. Whether this is a trip to Pizza Hut or a kick about at the park, it can help to get them into gear. Basic tasks in the bedroom include making the bed, putting away clothes, and bringing any dirty cups and plates to the kitchen.

Sorting laundry piles

It is amazing how much laundry can pile up in the family home, so get your kids to muck in on this task too. They could sort out the clothes in the basket and put them in separate piles depending on the colors; this will make it easier for you to stick the bits straight into the washing machine. An extra little tip is to get them to check the pockets in jeans for any tissues or cash.

Sweeping the floors

You can buy miniature brooms that would be perfect for your child to help out in the kitchen, or they could use a dustpan and brush. This would allow you to have a cleaner surface when using disinfectant at home to make sure everything is sanitary too. It is important to make sure that surfaces have dried before the kids are allowed back in the room though.

  Organizing the shoes

Finally, could the kids help to tidy up the area by the front door? Many families have a shoe rack that can get a bit messy with various pairs of shoes all mixed together. Ask them to match a shoe to its pair and then put them neatly on the shelf. If they finish this quickly, they could always do the coat rack too!


Love these idea and will definitely be using them for my two!