Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the blog slacker award goes to...

YOURS TRULY!!!!!!!!!!!

What a complete slacker I am. It has been way to long since I blogged because life is beyond crazy these days. I am not even sure were to start. Christmas was low key and relaxing, which was nice but Matt didn't get much time off so that kinda sucked. Kids loved everything they got and Lucas was so fun to watch this year.

New Years day we took the kids to the National Harbor for the Gaylord ICE! thing (not sure what to really call it). It was super super cold so we walked through it super super fast, haha! After that we ended up at Georgetown Cupcakes (imagine that, haha) and then head home. It was a great family day that of course went by way to fast.

Kids went back to school after winter break but have not had a FULL week back yet. Between super cold temps and snow storms we have been getting to sleep in a lot. I am totally not complaining! Matt hasn't had to work any storm trouble so that is an added plus. Thank you fluffy light snow!

The weekend of the 10th Matt and I went on our first ever mini trip for AdvoCare success school. Leaving the kids (especially Lucas) was so hard. We left Friday morning the 10th and drove back over night Saturday, getting home at 4am Sunday.  It was totally worth it for the amazing training we got plus the kids had fun with my parents.

This past Saturday was our 11 year wedding anniversary. Where has 11 years gone!? We had a nice dinner out at Bonefish, followed by a few errands and were back home by 9:30pm! I know, party animals! haha

Logan and Abby are both doing great in school and enjoying the snow days. Lucas is changing so much week by week. I love seeing his personality come out. He is still doesn't talk but is doing amazing with signing. I think his first and only word at this point is "Hey" which is totally adorable!

Well that has been life around here the last month or so. Hope everyone is doing well and has had a GREAT start to 2014...I know we have!


~Anchored In Christ~ said...

you're way behind. LOL