Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Boy Status!

How is my little baby a toddler now!? The last 18 months have gone so fast. He is becoming such a ham and going through a VERY friendly stage. He will walk up to just about anyone and put his arms up. Total 180 from a few months ago. At his check up he weighed in at 29lb and 32ins. He is officially off a bottle (thanks to a nasty cold this week). He will drink only water from his cup and it has to be a straw cup. This was of course harder on bottle mean BIG BOY STATUS! He has had TWO haircuts and Matt is still itching to take the clippers to his hair. I, of course, told him he would be in BIG trouble and be sleeping on the couch if he comes within 10 feet of Lucas with the clipper. I LOVE his wild and crazy hair!

We have two words...go and hey/hi! While 10-15 words is the average for kids his age I am trying to not "compare", which we all know is hard. We are looking into getting more "aggressive" with his speech therapy. I want to make sure we are doing EVERYTHING possible for him! Right now we are sticking with in home speech therapy and starting the VERY long process of getting him in with Children's Hospital. We have an eval appt with them in May and hopefully can get him in within 6 months from that. We are going to the ENT Monday to just make sure his ears are good. I don't expect to found out any different but we are covering all bases at this point.

Here are some pictures of this big boy! He kills me with his cuteness on a daily bases! 

He definitely has his mama wrapped around his finger...even if he is a daddy's boy! ;)


Unknown said...

Love this post ! He is absolutely adorable! My daughter just turned 18 months too and I completely understand the sadness felt in those big kid moments. Its so much fun watching them grow and their personalities shine! Is that an amber teething necklace your son is wearing? Does he wear his all the time? I only ask because my daughter has one that she wears all the time and was wondering your thoughts on it. Thank you!
From Brittany over at

Anonymous said...

big boy status indeed! STOP GROWING!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness!!! Definitely a toddler! :)