Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Oh my word! I just realized I haven't blogged in TWO months. Ugh, there are not enough hours in a day or days in a week. We are almost 1/3 of the way done with 2014 which is just plum CRAZY! Let me see if I can catch everyone up on what has been happening in this mad house...

Matt wrapping up his second semester of online college classes. He works 10 hr days, home by 6pm then dinner, little playtime with the kids, shower/baths and bed for the kiddos by 8:30ish. After that he is on the computer for the next 3 1/2 hours doing school work. The man NEVER complains either! We are super excited for him to have a couple months off from school. It will be sooo nice to maybe get to bed before midnight.

The big kids are on Spring Break this week and we are all so happy about it. Abby is in dance again and of course loving it. She chose ballet this time and will be doing tap over the summer. Logan isn't playing baseball this year but he is super excited about the mud run him and Matt are doing the being of June. He has be wanted to do one for so long and this one is a parent/child mud run so it is perfect. I will try to get a post up with pics after. They are both getting so big and seriously say some of the craziest things. I spend most of my day just shaking my head but they keep laughing ALL.THE.TIME, which is the best! 
Lucas...oh my noodle where do I start. He is almost 21 months old. We are still working with Speech and he is making some progress. He love to play outside and collect big rock out of the driveway and put them in his dump truck.
I am going to be in full on party planning mode in a few weeks which might sound crazy to some but this mama has LOTS to do if I am going to top last years monster themed party! He is growing and changing sooo much lately and it really makes me sad since he is our last. I will never get to experience these milestones again...sigh! I let Matt cut his hair and totally regretted it after the first swipe but it was obviously too late. Apparently, you can't glue hair back on...who knew!? 
As for me, I am just trying to hold the fort down while working my AdvoCare business. I am still maintaining at 28lbs lost and loving how I feel. This mama is H-A-P-P-Y and life is G-O-O-D! I hope everyone is doing great and had a wonderful Easter!

PS Sorry if I seemed to just be rambling...kinda what happens when you don't blog for 2 months! haha


Jen said...

Happy to see you back! You look fantastic!