Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

  • Abby started gymnastics again and dance for the first time.
  • she really liked dance class and loves showing everyone what she learned.
  • no surprise there, right?! ;)
  • the instructor was impressed with how well she did.
  • our little ballerina/gymnast ... LOVE IT!

  • Friday is DC CUPCAKE day...YUM-O!
  • YES, they are worth the drive people!
  • trying to get back in the gym more.
  • "motivation where are you?!"
  • how about them REDSKINS...HTTR!

  • we are finally getting an HD DVR receiver for our HD T.V.
  • oh and did I mention it is free.
  • I have one very happy husband!
  • working on forms so Matt can start school next fall.
  • ugh, what a pain they are.
  • very excited about girls night Saturday with Crystal, Jess, and Valerie.
  • so tired of the million and a half post on Facebook by some people.
  • just because it said re-post this, doesn't mean you have to do all of them.
  • it's like the junk emails you get.
  • "junk post"
  • excited for the yard sale that Crystal and I are planning.
  • time to rid my house of baby stuff!
  • in love with the weather forecast!
  • <3 F  A  L  L  <3