Thursday, November 17, 2011

The List

After reading a blog friends post the other day I decided it was high time I start a "list" of things I need to get done.
  1. The thing I hate the most but must get done, LAUNDRY! My basement looks like a tornado went through there. I am not sure how we all get dressed everyday considering 90% of our clothes seem to be on the basement floor. It is an endless cycle but one can only hope that if I get on top of it and do a load or two a day it will NEVER look like that again.
  2. Go through the kids clothes and sort out summer clothes and clothes that don't fit them. I cannot tell you how many time I have to tell Logan to go change his shirt in the morning because he put one on that is a bit to short. Yes, I am a little neurotic about my kids shirt/jeans and them having to fit a certain way or I will buy them new ones. One day I will not be able to dress my kids and it will drive me insane! My poor husband HATES when I try to dress him! ;)
  3. Clean my carpets!! This one is a VERY important one that must be done before Abby's party on December 3rd. I love my dogs but they are messier then the kids. Plus, it doesn't help that our yard has that awful red clay dirt. Spot cleaning is just not getting the job done anymore!
  4. Clean out the hall closet! Opening that door is scary. I am sure I will find things in there I have been looking for and be mad that it was in there the whole time!
  5. Take the kids pictures more with my nice camera and not just my iPhone. This is one that I use to do all the time. They are growing up so fast and I am not capturing the moments like I use to! 
  6. Get back to couponing...I have a TON of coupons just sitting in my coupon organizer and they are going to waste. I need to get my butt back in the stores and save some money! Believe it or not I do really enjoy couponing when I am doing it!
  7. Drink more WATER! I am so bad about that. I have a love for tea with Splenda and water is just so BLAH! I have tried to put Crystal Light in it and I do like it but it just doesn't compare to my tea!
I am sure there are more I will think of but this are the ones that on my mind at the moment! I will let you know when/if I complete any of these! Lets hope it happens soon! ;)

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Jeri Kleiber said...

Like you, I feel like 90% of our clothes are dirty too. Unlike you, I DON'T HAVE A BASEMENT!!! I'm so jealous! My clothes are on EVERYBODY'S FLOOR!!!!! God forbid somebody put dirty clothes in a hamper around here!

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