Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

  • 52 days until Christmas.
  • we have one big problem, we have NO Christmas tree this year.
  • Matt got the bright idea to throw ours away last year before we had a new one.
  • yes, the lights on the bottom would randomly go out but it could be fixed & at least we still has a tree.
  • I did find a really nice one at Hobby Lobby but it is $200, which I think is CRAZY for something we will use for a month, once a year.
  • although once we buy it we will have it forever, right?!
  • I have gotten a few Christmas presents, GO ME!
  • I love shopping from home!
  • looking forward to Thanksgiving and all the yummy food that comes with it.
  • who is going Black Friday shopping this year?!
  • I want to but not sure I can get the hubby to go again.
  • maybe if I beg?! ;)
  • Abby's birthday invitations are ready to be printed!
  • next up is making her birthday banner.
  • I still need to find a tutu to go with her birthday shirt.
  • I am going to do her birthday pictures this week or next.
  • Matt's 5K mud run is this weekend, watch for a blog and pictures!

HaPpY HuMp DaY EvErYoNe!

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