Thursday, January 19, 2012

party of FIVE

Yep, we are PREGNANT with number 3! For the last 5 years since having Abby people have asked over and over are you done having kids?! For a long time my answer was yes. I mean, we have a boy and a girl, what more could we ask for, but I knew there was a big part of me that wanted another one and I knew Matt would LOVE to have another one but I was still apprehensive about it. I started having HORRIBLE migraine in 2009 and I was on some medication that I couldn't take while pregnant, so that was a big factor in my decision. After talking about it for a few month we decided we really wanted one more so in March I had my IUD removed after 4 years. We started trying right away but NEVER did I think it would take so long. It was the hardest 9 months because with Logan and Abby we got pregnant on the first try and this was something we had never had to deal with but in the end, patience was all that was needed. On December 19th before heading out to dinner I took a test and there it was, the TWO pink lines we had been waiting so many months for! It was perfect timing because Saturday was Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family, so that's when we told everyone. I typed up a poem and gave it to my parents before everyone got to their house. Of, course it didn't take my mom anytime at all to figure it out. We told everyone else once everyone got there. I am due September 1st, 2012, but like with Logan and Abby I will have another c-section! As much as I wish I could have a VBAC, I know it's not possible. I just want a healthy little bean! We have names picked out but we will announce those once we know what we are having! I started with morning sickness (well, all day sickness really) when I was 5wks 5days. I am now 7wks 5days and it is still just as bad. I am hoping that in 5-6 weeks it will let up like it did with Logan and Abby. I am doing everything I can think of or have read about to ease my morning sickness. I am taking Zofran, Unisom/B6 and wearing Sea Bands. It's definitely better then it was when I was not taking anything, so that's a plus. It will all be worth it when I get to hold our precious little bean in my arms!

The kids are super excited. We told them the night before we told our families. I can't wait until I am far enough along that they will be able to feel the baby move. I purchased a Doppler so the kids can hear the heartbeat since they will not be at my appointments. Can't wait to be able to use it! I am also planning on doing a 3D-4D ultrasound around 17 weeks (which will be right around my birthday). That way they can come to that instead of the doctor ordered 20 week ultrasound. The setting at the private ultrasound places are warmer and cozier then the doctors office ones.

I have an appt tomorrow for a ultrasound so I will blog about that tomorrow when I get home! :)

Look for many more blog post about our exciting journey to becoming a party of FIVE!

Our first positive test!!!! 12/19/11


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melanie said...

IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!! Congrats!!!

Krystle Wuethrich said...

Thanks! :)

Chris Hargrave said...

so happy for you guys! you grow beautiful little people ;)

Tamara said...

omg Krystle congrats love, I totally agree with Chris