Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Really enjoyed the snow yesterday.
  • Can't believe it is 2012 already.
  • So many big things are happening this year.
  • Abby starts school in 7 months!
  • Say what?!?!
  • I will be 29 this March and I am not OK with that!
  • Matt and I are going on our first adult only week vacation this summer!
  • At least I know my little people will be in good hands with my parents!
  • Can't wait to start working on the basement and turn it into the kids playroom!
  • I have seen so many cute ideas on Pinterest!
  • Thinking I need to get back to blogging more.
  • I want to look into doing a blog review once a week but not sure how that works.
  • Anyone?!?!?!
  • Starting to look for party themes ideas for Logan's birthday. 
  • I like the robot theme, but not sure its mature enough for an 8 yr old.
  • So much to think about and the time will fly like always!

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