Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Appt Update!

I had my 14 week check up today. Bean and I are doing great. All my blood work from last visit came back normal and they listened to the HB. I thought it was funny because the midwife was trying to get Abby to pay attention to the HB but Abby was not very interested since we listen to it at home all the time! I found out that the tightening I feel every once in a while at night, IS Braxton Hicks contractions. It's crazy they can happen this soon but glad to know that was all it is. As long as they are not consistent and I have no bleeding she said not to worry about it! I guess it's just another "perk" of a third pregnancy!

We scheduled my 20 week anatomy ultrasound for April 16th! We are still doing the one on March 17th that we will pay for. I can't wait 6 more weeks to know what we are having because like I said before, I am too impatient! We also discussed when and who would do my c-section this time unless like she said this baby decided to come earlier or just "fall out" on their own! Not likely, but one can wish, right! ;) It will either be done Friday August 24 or Monday August 27. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 24th! The hospital policy is VERY firm on only a week early unless there are issues so I am just keeping my fingers crossed the doctors office can get me in there on Friday with no issues. More on that though around 7-8 months!

Well, that is it for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!