Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fishing on the James River!

    Where do I begin?  Today, "the boys" went on their very first fishing trip.  They went fishing for Blue Catfish on the James River with my brother-in-law and my dad.  They got an early start, and by early, I mean 4am!  The guys were on the water by 7am.  It was a gloomy, foggy start, but that didn't seem to bother the fish at all.  Pops, my dad, caught the first fish of the day. It was 18lbs.  Matt caught the second shortly after.  It was a 5lb blue cat pictured in "The Lunch Bucket".  Logan caught the third, a 7lb blue cat that was also tossed in "The Lunch Bucket".  These two fish are also pictured as cat fish nuggets!  I was a little worried about how Logan would react to the fish.  To my surprise, Matt said it only took a little coaxing to get him to hold it!  Before 10 o'clock, Logan looked at Matt and said, "This is the best day ever."
    Before the end of the day Logan was get high fives from the fish tails, and baiting hooks!  Logan's biggest fish was 20lbs.  Matt landed the biggest of the day with a 27lb blue cat.  He actually had what was possibly a 45-50lb fish on, but the hook popped out before he could get it close enough for the net to reach it!  All the guys had a blast and the best part for all of them was watching the smile never leave Logan face.
    Who knows, maybe this could become an annual family event and one day Lucas can go and Logan will show him the ropes