Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Rewind

We had a FABULOUS weekend! Saturday started off with my wonderful hubby letting me sleep in! I don't sleep well at night so the weekend is my recovering time from the five days of getting up early. We all got ready and heading out the door around 12:30. I stopped by Wee Cycle Wardrobe but was not impressed at all. I don't get why people would put things in the sale that are just plain trash. Like not even Goodwill worthy. I am sure it didn't help I was there on Saturday after lunch time. I am sure there were good finds early on. We left there and went to lunch at CiCi's Pizza. Matt and the kids loved it but with my heartburn kicking into high gear these days it was not so good for me.

After lunch we walked down to the consignment shop Once Upon A Child. There I found a few super cute onesies for Lucas. They are SUPER picking there about what they will take so I know I would find some good stuff!

Then it was off to Kohl's. I LOVE that place and I love it even more when I get awesome coupons. We went there for new clippers for Matt since I had such an awesome coupon but of course I had to look at the baby stuff. We got two Carter's outfit for Lucas for $7.50 each...AWESOME deal!

It was so nice out that we decided to make our first trip to Carl's this year! They have the BEST soft serve ice cream.
picture my niece took!
 The is was off to get Abby's haircut, grocery shopping and we finished the evening off with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings! The Spotsy Cougars were doing a fundraiser so it was a bit crowed but we got some information on football for Logan and he is very excited about playing this fall.

Sunday was a lazying day around the house full of cleaning and laundry since Matt is out of town for the next three days for work. My mom came out and brought my niece Amelia to play with the kids for a little bit then she took them all to meet my sister and brother in law for lunch. It was a quick afternoon without the kids here but Matt got a run in on the Wilderness Civil War Battlefield so that was nice and I watched Lifetime movies all afternoon!

I am super excited for the warm weather that is coming this week. Hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Monday everyone!