Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I have not done a "Tuesday Thoughts" in a while so here we go.
  • I'm exhausted this morning. I want to crawl back into bed and stay there for a few more hours. I slept OK last night so why am I so tired?
  • my brain is jumbled with everything going on this year.
  • baby Lucas for one is on it 24/7.
  • Abby starting school is right there too!
  • I LOVE having my sweet girl home with me during the day but I know she is going to love school.
  • I am so ready for football season and not just because I LOVE the Redskins and can't wait to see what this season hold for us with all the new changes but I can't wait for Logan to play.
  • He is already signed up for Baseball (coach pitch) and June 11th is registration for football and cheer leading for Abby!
  • Again, how stinkin' cute is it going to be, Logan playing and Abby on the side line cheering for him! :)
  • Oh and lets not for get the week at the end of June that Matt and I are going to the beach with friends...EEK!
  • we have never left the kids for more then a night so I am a little nervous about it but I know they will be in the best hand possible. 
  • after 9 years of marriage and no honeymoon I think Matt and I kinda deserve this week before Lucas is here! 
  • must work on getting a little sun on this body before then.
  • since tanning beds and spray tan are out, I guess I will be doing it the old fashion way.
  • with that said, the weather REALLY needs to warm up again and stay that way.
  • I have found a few really cute maternity suits online and I think I am going to just have to order them all and then decide which one fits and looks best! Here are two of them...
  • I really like the colorful one but black is slimming and at 30 weeks pregnant I might want to go the slimming route! haha
  • Oh the decisions...