Monday, June 4, 2012

Logan's first game!

I was looking forward to Logan's first game all week. Last year for t-ball they just wore shirts and shorts but not this year. I couldn't wait to see him in his full uniform. He is the cutest baseball player I have every seen. I am a little bias, yes, but look at these pictures and tell me you don't agree!

He got to bat three times... made it to second base the first hit, struck out the second time he was up and made it to first base the third time before the innings were up. He played out field for two innings, third base for two innings and catcher for two innings. He did EXCELLENT at catcher. He took a hit in the thigh while catching but walked it off and continued on. Next week he will catch half the game because one of the other catcher will not be there.

I am so proud of him and love watching him do something he enjoys so much!