Friday, June 15, 2012

Pregnancy Rights

With this being my last pregnancy I am trying to enjoy some of the wonderful aspects of pregnancy. There are not many for me because like I have said before, pregnancy and my body just don't agree but my most favorite has to be feeling this little guy move. His hiccups make me smile so big and my heart just melt. I told Matt last night that the thought of holding this little man in my arms for the first make me get all teary eyed. I remember those moments with Logan and Abby vividly. With a c section you don't get to hold them right away so even the moment when Matt walks over and holds him next to me, all bundles up like the cutest little burrito is the most magical, heart stopping moment of my life!

Oh can the next 10 weeks(yep you read that right, only 10 more weeks) please just fly by!

Ok now the real reason for this blog post...I came across these and just had to share because I love every single one of them. All my mama friends, I think can relate to at least a few if not all of them as well.

10 indisputable rights of pregnant women:

1. She shall have the right to drop something and look around pitifully until someone feels bad enough to come along and pick it up.

2. She has the right to messy toenail polish. This includes the right to get a pedicure to avoid having messy toenail polish. Whether a pregnant woman decides to embrace her right to messy toes or a pedicure is her choice and she shall not be judged.

3. She has the right to spill food on her belly without being mocked.

4. She has the right to lay claim to any food in the house. All others shall assume the last piece of pie or the last serving of cereal has been claimed by this right unless told otherwise.

5. She has the right to waddle. Anyone in the presence of her waddling is restricted from laughing or gawking at said waddling.

6. She has the right to claim “pregnancy brain” at any time.

7. She has the right to moan, groan or grunt when getting out of a chair, rolling over in bed, putting on her shoes or doing any activity that requires shifting her weight.

8. She has the right to claim flip-flops as appropriate footwear under any circumstance.

9. She has the sole rights to the house’s thermostat. Do not question when she has the AC on and it’s 60 degrees outside or if she has the windows open while it’s snowing. Wear extra layers in the house without complaint.

10. She has the right to talk about being “large” or “huge”, but no one else can claim that right. She is the only person allowed to talk about her size.

There are so many more but these are the best in my opinion!

What would you add to the list of the rights of pregnant women?


Janee Comeaux said...

haha! I love this!
I need to make a plaque saying these for my next pregnancy!
very cute :)

Krystle Wuethrich said...

I know! They are great aren't they! :)