Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pregnancy Update ~ 28 weeks!

Wow, we have made it to the 3rd trimester!!! We are in the home stretch and I couldn't be more excited!! Now that it is summer and school is out the time is going to go even faster. I told Matt last night we need to get this little guy more clothes. Mainly some onesies and sleepers, because lets be honest that is what babies live in for the first month at least. I have not bought a cloth diaper in 2 weeks, crazy I know! I feel pretty good with the stash I have so far. I have been thinking about getting all of his clothes washed and ready but we have not made it to Ikea to get his dresser so there is no where to put them yet. Making that a goal by the end of June. His room is done other then the art work from a friend and of course the dresser.

I am still contracting fairly often but I have to say knowing that I have had those steroid shots makes me breathe a little easier. As much as we want to meet and snuggle this little guy, we definitely don't want him to come before he is ready!

How Far Along: 28 weeks

Stretch marks? just the ones from Logan, no new ones.

Movement: Yep! I love playing the "What body part is that?!" all day long!

Size of Baby: He is putting on layers of fat and now weighs in around 2.5 pounds and measures about 15 inches (size of an eggplant).

Belly Button in or out? In but flat.

Cravings: I can't say there is one thing I am craving right now. I'm at the point where I get full fast but am hungry again in an hour.

Sleep: What is sleep?!?! I was sick at the beginning of the week which made sleeping even harder. I am feeling much better (thanks to Tylenol and Sudafed every 4-6 hours) and back to sleeping OK other then waking up between 2-4 am to use the bathroom.

Sex of Baby: A sweet baby BOY...Lucas Parker!

Weight Gain: Probably around 25-30 pounds...again I say, I don't even want to know anymore.

Symptoms: Back pain, leg cramps, difficulty breathing, heartburn and my ankle are usually swollen in the evenings if I had a busy day.

What you are looking forward to: Our 3D/4D ultrasound at Sneek a Peek on June 18th!!