Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

  • sleep is overrated these days for me.
  • this cold or whatever it is needs to exit my body, ASAP!
  • the stuffy nose is the worse part and doesn't help my sleeping issues.
  • Logan is doing awesome with baseball.
  • I am getting great tan on my arms watching him...LOL!
  • we made it through day one of summer break with minimal bickering, YAY!
  • only one trip to their rooms all day so I think it was a successful day.
  • getting out of the house is the key to my sanity this summer I have decided.
  • excited to meet up with a friend today to learn how to make some hairbow for my sweet girl.
  • my best friend, who lives in Florida, is coming to town for a few day and I can't wait to see her.
  • having dinner just the two of us Saturday evening...we have LOTS to catch up on.
  • in love with the colors yellow and gray together...hints my blog design!
  • if we were having a girl I would have done the nursery in these colors.
  • wonder if Matt would let me do our room in it?!
  • I mean look...it would look awesome.
  • oh but who am I kidding...my dogs would mess that comforter up in no time.
  • such is life, Matt would not have gone for it anyway.
  • girl can dream right?!
  • planning to take the kids to VA Beach for the day in a few weeks.
  • wanted to go for the weekend but finding a hotel is not happening at this point in the summer.
  • also, trying to plan a weekend trip, just Matt and I, to Williamsburg, VA before this little guy gets here.
  • if you know me, you know I will not be letting that little man out of my site for a while.
  • I will try to be nice and share him with Matt, hahaha!
  • OK, enough with my crazy thoughts for today 
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Ashley said...


EEK- I wouldn't go to VA beach right now!

Krystle Wuethrich said...

Lovely!! Ugh!!!