Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Week in Photos

Monday ~ It was the usually lazy day. Kids played and I worked on my blog.

Tuesday ~ I took the kids to see one of the $1 movies at Regal, then we hit Chick Fil A for lunch (no suprise there, right?!). Abby LOVED the small girl cow. She is not a fan of the big cow at all. Then just before diner I got a text from Matt that he was in fact going to be working outages all day (6am-9pm) again on the 4th of July so I treated myself and the kids to Outback to help the sadness. It worked a little.
Wednesday ~ Instead of sitting around the house all day the kids and I went to the pool for 2 hours then came home and shower before heading to a good friends house for dinner and so the kids could see some fireworks (I was not about to try and light any, pregnant or not that would have been a bad idea). Matt was able to make it to their house a few mintues after the fireworks started. I didn't tell the kids he was going to make it so when he showed up they we so excited (hints, Abby's BIG smile)!

Thursday ~ I made a trip to Ikea with my sister in law and got Lucas' dresser and a few other things for the nursery (look for a post this week with updated nursery pictures). Matt got off on time that day (YAY!!!) so we went to dinner then made a trip to Target for a few things. While looking around the baby section I scored 4 OS Fuzzibunz Elite diapers for $19 that someone had returned. I still smile when I think about my awesome deal!

Friday ~ The kids and I hung around the house again because it was 102 degree outside with a heat index of 112. Can you say CRAZY!!!! That night I had plans to go out with the girls for dinner at Olive Garden and to see Magic Mike. Matt ended up working a few hours late again so I dropped the kids off at my parents head to meet the girls. It was a great end to a crazy and stressful week!

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