Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mommy Confessions ~ Party of 5!

I always link up for Sunday Confessions and confess about pretty much anything. Well, today I am confessing mommy style and linking up with Heather (Cookies for Breakfast) and Megan (The Memoirs of Megan)!

I have not talked about what it is like as a family of 5 since having Mr. Lucas. People have asked and I usually just shrug and beat around the bush about it. Not because it is bad or anything it is just not an easy "Oh, it's great" kinda answer.

Matt and I were 21 when we had Logan and 23 when we had Abby. They were both planned but in a way it was still a shock because with your first it is an adjustment for obvious reasons and then going from one to two is an adjustment because you now have to divide your time. Call me crazy but I feel like 3 is kinda perfect. Maybe it is because of Logan and Abby's ages that it has gone so well but it has. Lucas is a mix of both of them as babies...personality wise. He is laid back and quiet most of the time but like with Abby when he get mad you are going to know about it. I remember Matt asking when Logan was a baby "When is he going to get loud" but he never asked that with Abby or Lucas, haha!

Logan and Abby being in school has helped with the adjustment for me. It is kinda like only having one again for 7hrs a day, haha! They are so excited to see him when they get home and he lights up when they walk through the door.

Going somewhere is quite a task but we are getting better at it. We are fashionable late to everything it seems. I totally use the house as my security blanket during the week and don't leave it that often. I am getting better but Lucas has not been a fan of his car seat since about 2 months old so that is another reason I stay home most of the time. He is getting better, though!

We definitely have a night time routine around here...showers at 7:30, brush teeth at 8 and in bed by 8:30. This helps a lot. The kids know the routine now so they will look at the clock and know what needs to be done. We bathe Lucas every other night and he is in bed by 8pm. Matt and I need to get better about getting to bed earlier but from the time he gets home until the kids are in bed we don't get much us time so we stay up talking or watching TV together.

I have said it before but I truly feel like we are complete and nothing is missing now that Lucas is here.


dani, nate, mady and jaxon said...

3 is super intimidating! I can't even imagine it. J has been a fussy baby so I guess that contributes to it! I love the new blog design by the way!


Jen said...

You are a rock star for sure and I love that you feel complete now. They are lucky kids for sure. :)

Megan B.B. said...

That's awesome! I always thought that 3 is the perfect number, actually! It's my plan to space them similar to yours, too. :)
Thanks for linking up with us!
Happy Tuesday!
Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com

Noel Marie said...

Hey I'm a new follower from the link up!! I totally plan to have three kids someday, but right now, the thought of any more than the one I have gives me anxiety!! My hubs is in the military so we're keeping it to just the one for now, until he's done with deploying. Or else I would def stay cooped up in my house for half the year and that just would not help the time pass!!

Noel @ high heeled mama

Kristin said...

I love this post. I just had number two and I am already wanting number three, four, and five. My husband does not feel the same way so I am a little stressed. Love your blog design!

beckyj @ A Lazy Crazy Life said...

Going from 2 to 3 was the easiest transition for us (even though it meant we were outnumbered).

Right from the beginning when Lorelai was born, I immediately knew how lucky I was that Aidan and Logan were older. For us the spacing (4 and 6 years older) is absolutely perfect--they're self-sufficient and very helpful and understanding (for the most part).

I see major challenges ahead when it comes to extracurricular activities (as mentioned in my latest post) but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it :)

Amber Cease said...

Swinging by from yesterday's link-up... I have two little ones right now (almost 1 yr. old and almost 3 yr. old)... I don't really imagine the Hubby and I having anymore... I give you credit for juggling 3 kiddos, as 2 keeps me pretty busy! :)