Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday Confessions ~ v13

I am a day late with these but if it counts I started the post yesterday. Ok, let get on with it!

Confession #1
I am in stroller HELL! I had the bright idea when I was pregnant to just get a carseat and a snap n go stroller but now we need to get a regular one and I am so over whelmed with all the different ones out there it makes my head hurt. Fellow mommy's, tell me which one you love, please!!

Confession #2
I just want to cry...his boy right here is growing up way to fast. He will be 9, yes you read that right 9 in a few months. We will be talking double digits next year people. I have said it before but PLEASE time, can you slow down!
Confession #3
Dieting is not going so well. I am holding steady in the mid 150's but can't get my act straight and back on Weight Watchers. I did lose last week (.7lbs) but I am afraid this week, I will not be so lucky! I am sure it has nothing to do with the amount of cookie dough I ate over the weekend, right?!

Confession #4
I am having so much fun making all of Lucas' baby food. It is so easy and I love that he is getting just a veggie or fruit without all the added stuff store bought stuff has in it. Plus, it is sooo much cheaper. I spend about $25 on a bunch of organic fruits and veggies and get around 25 days worth of food. That's a $1 a can't beat that!

Confession #5
I went 23 hours without pumping the other day and almost had a mini heart attack. I know I said I was not going to stress about it now that I made my 6m goal but it is a lot easier said then done. I got up and pumped asap and barely got 8oz. That is a big difference from before. I had to reevaluate my freezer stash since we have been using around 2 bags a day and I still have just over 3,000oz in there so that made me feel much better. That will last him about 110 days, getting him to almost 10 months. I think I need to set an end date and have Matt hold me too it. Mentally I don't think I can stop on my own. I have totally thought about trying to build my supply back up but then think about having Mastitis and change my mind. haha

Have a great week everyone!


Desiree said...

I LOVED making baby food for my little guy. It was easy and so cheap!