Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was totally lame. Matt was still working outages so the kids and I did nothing. Which made me eat, and eat and eat. Must get back on track...beach in 104 days!

I did venture out Saturday around 4pm to get myself some Chipotle and that was a total disaster. You would have thought it was Christmas time because traffic was HORRIBLE! I placed my ordered using the iPhone app for Chipotle and it said it would take an hour to have my ONE bowl ready, really?! I called and the girl said she would have them make it and it would be ready in about 15 mins. Lucas was a total grumpy pants and fussed the whole time. I picked up McDonald's for the kids and headed back home. Of course Lucas fell asleep 5 mins from the house. Once I got home and took my food out of the bag I realized they messed my whole order up. I get a bowl and they gave me a burrito, there was no cheese or sour cream on it. Then almost all my rice stuck to the inside of the tortilla when I tried putting it in a bowl. It was still very yummy and it the spot so I guess it was OK!

Sunday we hung around the house, surprise surprise, haha! Matt got home around 6pm which was a nice and we ordered some dinner then like always the rest of the evening flew by. The kids are back to school today and Matt is working again.
I am already counting down the days until the weekend. This mama needs a BREAK!

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Bad Word Mama said...

My weekend sucked too. My 9 year old daughter was sick all weekend. Only good thing was nap times! Thanks for stopping by Bad Word Mama. I'm a new follower here.

Jen said...

You deserve a break, you are one busy mama!

Jessica Eustace said...

I'm ready for the weekend too! This past one was no good! Here is to hoping we get a good weekend next time around! Found you through the blog hop and now following!
Hated on the Playground

Anissa Dang said...

Found you on todays link up! your kids are too cute!
Followed:) <3

hope you can follow back you can find me at:

Angela Paris said...

Hello Krystle,
I'm stopping by from the GFC blog hop - thanks for linking up with us!
I'm going to go check out your giveaway now :)
Happy Tuesday!