Thursday, April 4, 2013

Currently ~v11


Drinking ~ water water and more water! Even though I am done breastfeeding I still drink nothing but water except when we go out to dinner I will occasionally get an unsweetened tea but not often. A total180 from before Lucas...I HATED water, ha!

Buying ~ too many extra lives on stupid Candy Crush! Let me tell you $0.99 adds up FAST! I finally passed level 135 last night thanks to a "lollipop hammer"! Now I am stuck on 142, ugh! What level are you on!? I know you all play, just admit it. ;)

Driving ~ Matt crazy with all my home decor projects. I want to paint our bedroom and bathroom, power wash the house, make a flower bed out front and plant flowers and get our carpets cleaned. It is not a big list but just time consuming things. I am sure the outside stuff doesn't bother him but he loathes painting so he will put that off as long as he can.

Missing ~ Logan and Abby!!!!!! They are having a blast at Disney but boy do I miss them. It's not too bad during the day because they are usually at school but at night I miss them so much. They will be home Saturday night and I can't wait!
Obsessing ~ about losing these last 15 lbs. I have been doing great counting calories and working out every other day but I seem to have hit a wall. I am thinking I should work out longer. I have been doing 1 mile on the treadmill so maybe I will try to increase to a mile and a half. Hopefully that will help, if not I am not sure what I should to do. Any advice!?

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Jen said...

I am a water fiend! That's really all I drink anymore.

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