Thursday, April 25, 2013

Currently ~ v12


Eating ~ not much...1200 calories a day isn't much. I have done really good the last week though. I have not been starving like I was when I started counting calories 4 weeks ago. I actually had around 150 left over the last 2 nights. I have thought about having a free day but can't decide what to eat so I end up not doing it. There are too many things I crave to pick just one. 

Drinking ~ water and coffee. I have one cup of coffee a day and then it's water water water! I have not been as good with my water intake as I should be so I need to work on that. I miss my cup I got from the hospital when I had Lucas. Something about that cup made me drink a lot of water. It cracked so I had to throw it away. *sad face* I have looked online for a new one but you have to buy them in bulk, BOO!

Wishing ~ it was the weekend already. Logan has baseball practice Saturday then we are doing somethings around the house. Sunday we are going to Kings Dominion if it doesn't rain. Although, it would be less crowded if it was overcast and rainy but I wouldn't want to take Lucas out in that. So, fingers crossed it doesn't rain.

Loving ~ this little boy and his silly faces! This was at Target yesterday. He thought it was funny to stick that little tongue out at me the whole way through the store! Of course, I didn't mind because it was just too cute!
Dreaming ~ of so many things. I would love to have a little nip and tuck now that we are done having kids. I would also love to buy a bigger house with a more open floor plan. Dang, I just need to win the lottery. I guess you have to play to win though and I never play so don't look for a blog post about me winning anytime soon, haha!


Dara said...

I have a friend who ordered those cups in bulk because she loved them so much!

Jen said...

That little face is so sweet! :)

Deidre said...

I do not drink enough water myself I keep trying to up the amount I drink, but always fail. I should really. change that. (see there I go again!).

Vashti Q-Vega said...

Hello! I came across your blog via the “Linkin with my ladies” Thursday Hop! I am following you. You have an adorable baby! My name is Vashti, and I'm a Fiction writer. Please visit my blog, and if you enjoy my post, please "Like" and/or leave a comment. I appreciate the support.

Thank you! :D

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Found your post on, Home for 4sweet Home blog hop. Good for you for doing so well on your calories. Very difficult! I have a Lucas too, but he is French. Spelled the same way, but pronounced Luca. :)

Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

That is one cute little tongue sticking out!

Thanks for linking up - I always enjoy reading your 'currently' posts :)