Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mommy Confessions/Rant

Ahh, time to confess mommy style. This is a little all over the place and a bit brutally honest. It has just been one of those weeks! 

I am a worry wart! I drive myself crazy with it sometimes but I can't stop. You would think Lucas being my third I would not stress and worry about every little thing but I do. I would totally put my kids in bubbles if it was allowed. Are you thinking I am crazy yet!? Lucas still has a runny nose from being sick over a week ago. He has no fever or cough, just a dang runny nose. I said to Matt last night what if it is spinal fluid leaking into his nose!? It is just clear snot so, of course, my brain takes over with this random thought, which lead to me Googling it. Ahh, what is wrong with my brain! Oh and it is called CSF Rhinorrhea, btw!

I am not one to leave my kids with a sitter much (Matt doesn't count). Maybe once a month, if that. Why become a parent if you are going to spend more time away from them then with them!? Just saying! I hate for other people to discipline my kids when I am there to do it. I am their mom and don't need any help, thanks! Of course when I am not around, like when they are at school, that is different but I expect them to behave so it shouldn't be an issue. Wishful thinking!? Maybe!

The thought of my kids getting embarrassed gives me a knot in my stomach. Logan is at that age where I can see it happening. We all know that age where you had to be center of attention and did things that you think back to and ask yourself "WHY!?!?!"! That is my Logan now. Matt and I laugh it off but I worry someone will say something mean to him. The mommy in me gets all worked up just at the thought. I know kids are mean and there will come a time in his life when it will happen and there is nothing I can do to stop it but doesn't mean I am not going to worry.

Lastly, let me touch on a subject that really gets my blood boiling...Do not come and just take my child out of my arms without asking if it is OK because chances are it's NOT. Especially if I have NEVER met you. I have been told I am being rude by not letting people hold my child and you know what I say to that, TOUGH! I am the mommy and I get to make that call, so deal with it! Also, do not kiss all over my child like your are his mother. I understand his chunky arms are so cute and he has some of the most kissable cheek but they are not yours for kissing. Didn't your mother teach you to look with your eyes not your hands!? I don't want your germs and awful smelling lotions or perfumes on my child. Got it!? Good!

Ok I am done confessing/ranting for the day! I will leave you with yet another ecard favorite!


Jen said...

I agree with the last one! Even with my nieces and nephews I always ask my sister first before I take them from her.

Ashley said...

I agree. I never get away from my kids 99% because I don't want to be away from them. Little breaks here and there are nice but it makes my stomach churn at leaving them with anyone!

Jessie said...

I'm with you! I always ask before taking a little one. For me it's about helping kids establish their own boundaries. You don't have to let people touch you or hug you or hold you if you don't want them too. We would never go up and grab an adult so why do people do it to kids?