Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Letters ~ v11

Haven't done letters in a few weeks and I have a few I need to write. Here we go...

Dear Polar Heartrate Monitor,
You freaking ROCK! I am so glad I invested in you. It is nice to know exactly how many calories I am burning during my workouts. If you don't have one you should totally get one. This is the one I have, HERE.

Dear NoVa bloggers,
I am stoked for our meetup tomorrow! Yummy food and great conversation will be had and I can't wait to blog about it after! If you are in the Northern VA area and don't know about our meet ups and would like to join the next one, contact Mia. She is a sweetheart and will fill you in with all the details! 

 Dear Readers/Fellow Bloggers,
I am so excited about teaming up with two of my favorite blogger to bring you something pretty awesome next week. Check back Wednesday, May 8th! EEKKK!

Dear Football Season,
I miss you!!!! I know it is baseball and hockey season but I am ready for FOOTBALL! The draft was pretty boring this year for the Skins so we didn't really watch it. Oh and did I mention we have season tickets this year!? Booyah! Can't wait! HTTR!

It's it for today! Have a great weekend everyone!


Kristin said...

Do you live near DC?? I miss football, too!!! Ravens fan over here but I'm not hatin' on the 'Skins. It's a split decision in my family. One brother loves the Redskins. Other brother and I love the Ravens. Mom cheers for both. lol.


Jen said...

Enjoy your meetup this weekend!! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Do yall meet up often? I am moving to Alexandria at the end of the month!

Night Owler said...

Your letters seem better than mine.