Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vacation Guest Post #2

TGIF everyone! I am still relaxing on the beach, enjoying the last few days of my vacation. I have been sharing LOTS of pics on my Instagram so if you are not following me, you totally should!

 I am excited to have yet another awesome blogger guest posting for me today! 

Thanks so much Dawn!


Hi!  I'm Dawn, from Dawn's Disaster.  I write a small blog about my family life and have some product reviews and giveaways.  During the week, I host or co-host at least 3 hops {Super Sunday Sync, #BlogTwitLov (Wednesdays), Finish the Sentence Friday and most weeks Inspired Tuesdays}.  This last Tuesday, I also started a short prompt "hop" called 20 Tuesdays, but I will be bringing back Traveling Tuesdays after that is over {in case you would like to guest post, makr your calendar!  I'm filling spaces already}.  Have you heard about the 30 Day Blog Challenge?  I hope 20 Tuesdays takes off like that.  I hope you'll join in!  I also contribute to the Mommy Blog Hoppers every other Monday.
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What do you do for the 4th of July?  Do you celebrate it alone or with family?  My family, we go to my parents house.  When I say WE, I don't just mean the Hubs, the Beanie Babies and me, I also mean my Mother-in-Law, my brother, my cousins {and their kiddos}, and my Great-Uncle and Great-Aunt {they may not make it this year}.  Talk about a cramped house.  

You know what, though?  I'm totally excited.  We hardly get to see the extended family.  Maybe once a year.  My brother lives in another state, on the West Coast, so we rarely get to see him. The Beanie Babies have so much fun playing with their cousins and all of the extra attention they get from the Uncles and Aunts and Grandparents.  Do you think I have time to relax any, with all those additional adult hands?  Maybe a little, but I'm not holding my breath.  

There is this cute little parade in the town my parents live in.  I say little, but it's really, really, really long.  They usually combine about 5 towns near by, so there's floats from each town.  When I say "there's floats from each town", I mean there's the fire department from all towns, there's VFWs from all towns, Shiners from all towns, radio stations fro all towns, car repair shops from each town {get my point?}'s great, but long.  Especially when the sun is high.  Don't get me wrong, the Beanie Babies LOVE it because they get candy and stuff, and it's not so bad for the adults, either, because they have some fun stuff they throw to us, too!

After that, we usually have a picnic in the backyard.  Sandwiches, potato salad, chips, dips, coleslaw, pickles, fruit {LOTS of fruit} and Diet Coke lemonade.  Then, it's nap time.  What a great part of the day! favorite part of the day is the evening.  Going to watch the fireworks on the boat is so much fun.

Do you think I'll get to be THIS relaxed?  

Her name is Little.  She was only 2# when I found her.  She's about 20# now.

HAPPY 4th of JULY, LRAT readers!  I hope you'll stop by my blog and tell me what you do for the 4th.


Janine Huldie said...

Seriously was so confused when I first clicked the link Dawn, but loved that you guested over here for this and your 4th of July does sound awesome, especially nap time!! :)

Betty Taylor said...

Great post Dawn! Sounds like a total family affair and lots of great fun! I followed on GFC, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Anonymous said...

you tricked me babe, LOL

It must be fun to be with family all at once....but then I think about all the drama and I cringe and my eye twitches, LOL

The Me & Mine Book said...

My cat's name is Little!
Actually her name is Penelope.
We thought we would call her Penny.
Don't think we ever did.
She was just so tiny.
So she became Little.
ANd sometimes we call her Little Bit.
or Little Bit Bit.
Because people can be really weird, huh?
(Her words. Not mine. ;)

Kristi Campbell said...

I, too, was confused when I landed here but am glad I did. Your fourths sound wonderful - love that you have a picnic in the backyard, and that you watch fireworks from the boat! Priceless.