Friday, August 9, 2013

Lucas' 12 month stats!

We had Lucas' 12 month check up yesterday! He got 2 shots and of course cried but only until I picked him up then he was fine! We are going to have speech come out to evaluate him in the next week or so because he is still not babbling. Fingers crossed it is just 3rd child syndrome! He loves to squeal at us all the time but no ma-ma da-da ba-ba, etc. Better to have it check now then later. I will keep you updated on that when I have more information! 

I noticed 2 days ago that he got a third tooth on the bottom at some point. We have been so focused on the top two coming in that I didn't even look at the bottom. He smiled really big at me and I was like what is that! It must have broke through a week or so ago because it is pretty far up. I just wish the top two would come through already because his poor gums are white and swollen. I know it has to hurt! We are also getting closer to walking. He is standing more and more without holding on!

Other than that he is a BIG healthy boy! <3

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jen said...

Such a precious boy! Have a great weekend.

allison said...

What a cute little boy! Good luck with the speech!

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Look at that little cutie! I wanna squish his little legs. :)

Will didn't start babbling for awhile, too. We were worried, but I think it was definitely 2nd child syndrome because Dom never let him get in a word edgewise. :)