Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Proceed with CAUTION ~ overwhelming cuteness ahead!

I finally got the CD last Friday with all of the pictures. We took decorations from his party and I think that totally made the pictures more awesome! He was not in the best mood toward the end so you can see he was crying in the last few. 

I might have waiting longer then a would have liked to get them but boy was it worth the wait!

Can he get any cuter!?

I am not sure how I will ever pick from them all for printing and framing! Think it would be weird to have a whole wall of just Lucas pictures!? haha I kid I kid! Which is your favorite!?

Happy Hump Day everyone...don't forget to link up for A Hump Day Hop!


Anonymous said...

handsome little man! Way too many good ones to choose from! The one where he looks like he is going to sneeze makes me giggle!

Ida said...

Super Cute pics!
love the second one!

Penny Chevalley said...

OMG...those pictures are awesome!

Marie Annette said...

OMG he is super cute. did you take all these yourself? you did an amazing job if you did. super jealous.

Xo Marie

Angie Agerter said...

He's so cute! I love how you put him on the blue suitcases, so cute. And his crinkly nose, too cute!