Monday, April 18, 2011

Disney so far...

Well we are two days in and the kids are having a blast! We visited Magic Kingdom on Sunday and it was a very long day. We were up by 6:30am, at the park by 9am, and stayed till 11:30pm. Abby got to see all the princesses but was most excited to see Belle. I was so proud of Logan, he rode Space Mountain. He got off and told us it made his heart go...! I think it scared him a bit. The lines were long but moved relatively quickly. If it was a ride that offered "fastpasses," we got them and came back at the designated time. That was great! I would say we were all worn out by the end. We got up at 7am and started day two at the Animal Kingdom. There were more shows than rides for the kids but the shows were awesome. My favorite was The Lion King and Nemo musicals! The kids seem to really like both! This is a smaller park so we were done with everything we wanted to do by 4pm. Which worked out great because we had 5pm dinner reservations at Rain Forest Cafe. The food was good but the dessert was AMAZING. It was called the Volcano and worth every penny! After dinner we came back to the house and let the kids swim and get to bed early so they will be rested up for Epcot tomorrow.

Look for more about our exciting trip to Disney in a few days!!