Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Place Where Dreams Come True!

We are home from the best vacation ever! The kids had a blast! Logan kept telling us that Disney was not what he expected and we are not sure if that was a good thing or bad...LOL! Everyday Logan would ask for one of those light up toys but we held off on that till we went to the "Electric Light Parade" on Wednesday night! Logan got Buzz and Abby got Tinkerbell! Logan wanted to go on a lot of the rides again but didn't understand that we would have to wait in the line again. Abby was so into getting those autographs and of course Logan wouldn't get the "girls" autographs. We were shocked at how well Abby did considering she is scared of the Chick fil A cow! Every time she saw a character she was asking for her book. I think that was the only time she didn't mind waiting in a line. She loved riding the Monorail and the tram. Logan did too but Abby showed much more excitement about it! After doing all the parks we decided to go back to Magic Kingdom on Thursday but the lines were crazy and it was HOT! There was a few things that we didn't do when we were there on Sunday but with 40 plus minute waits on everything there we decided to pass. So we ate lots of snacks, watched a parade, got souvenirs and gifts for a few people, then called it a day. One of the souvenirs we got the kids was a picture drawn of each of them. They LOVED it and can't wait to hang them in their rooms! I will post pictures once they are up! The last day we slept in and the kids went swimming while Matt and I did laundry and packed everything up!

I think we need a week to recover from this exciting week but no such luck! That is why we decided to drive over night. We had Saturday and Sunday to relax and enjoy the Easter holiday!