Friday, July 29, 2011

"The tans fade, but the memories last forever."

We have had a VERY busy and fun summer so far...

Lets start with Logan's 7th birthday party. We did a pirate theme and it was a huge success. I made all the decorations and was very pleased with how it all turned out! Matt and I still look at him and wonder where the last 7 years went because they sure went fast!

After months of anticipation Danielle was finally arrived from Missouri! She had quite the journey getting here, she missed her flight and had to spend all day in the airport! We could not have been more excited when she arrived! It was an awesome but quick three weeks. I think I speak for us all, including her, when I say we wish it could have been a lot longer! There was never a dull moment...late nights playing Super Mario Bros on the Wii, lots of yummy buffalo chicken dip, lots of talking and catching up and of course the trip to Georgetown for cupcakes!! When she left it felt like something was missing around here for weeks. We can't wait for her to come back in December for a few weeks then again next summer for a month (or more)! ♥

♥ We LOVE you Danielle ♥

Logan was so eager to play t-ball this summer! After signing him up we get a call from parks and rec explaining they didn't have a coach for his team. So they wanted to know if Matt or I would be willing to do it because none of the other parent would volunteer. I would never have been able to do it but Matt on the other hand would be and was an AWESOME coach. He was so lucky to have two great assistant coaches, Freddie (his brother) and CJ (his good friend)! The season went really well. We never had all of our kids show up to any of the games which of course was a bummer but the kids that did come had fun! By the last game you could really see the growth in all the kids. After the last game we went to Dairy Queen got ice cream and gave out trophies! Next year is coach pitch and Matt is planning on coaching again and Freddie has already said he is willing to assist again!

*missing 2 players and assistant coach CJ*

Matt and I had our 10 year high school reunion on July 23rd. Although I am the first to joke about feeling old all the time, it just doesn't seem right that 10yrs have gone by already! There was a family picnic during the day and we were not sure how long we were going to stay at that since it was so very hot. We had the pavilion in the shade so that helped a lot! During the picnic we caught up with old friends and meet their families. As with high school you had your separate groups of people hanging out! After about 2 hours at the picnic we headed home and relaxed before getting the kids all packed for their first sleep over with Uncle Freddie and Aunt Jessica. Those two were bursting at the seams to get over there from the moment they woke up! Matt and I also got ready for the adult social. We dropped the kids off, grabbed a bite to eat and head to Hackers N' Duffers.

When we first arrived there was not very many people there yet so we pick a table and ordered something to drink. After about 30 min people started flowing in. It was so great to see people you have not seen in 10 years. Yes, we are friend on Facebook but it's so different to actually get to catch up in person. I found it so funny that about half way through you could see that separation going on again, but we talked to and hung out with the people that mattered so we have no regrets! The music was so loud that you couldn't hear the person right next to you when they were talking to you and my ears were ringing. When we left I barely had a voice and the next day my throat was sore. At around 11pm all us moms looked at each other and starting laughing because we were all so ready for bed! Take out the loud music and we had an awesome time with some great friends! I can tell you after what we saw that night from a group of girls (not with our class that is) combined with the loud music, I will not be stepping into a bar ever again!

Logan lost his first tooth this past week. It was loose for a week or so but he worked it and worked it, then I gave it a little tug and out it came! It scared him a little at first because he didn't know what to expect but after about a minute he was fine. He swished some salt water around in his mouth and then spent the rest of the day looking in the mirror at the new "hole". You can already see the new tooth coming in! The tooth fairy came that night and left him $10! I know, I know everyone keeps telling that $10 is crazy but come on what the heck can you buy these day with less then that! Plus, it was his first one and it is kinda a big deal! :)

Well, that's our summer so far. The kids and I stay busy going to the gym 2-3 times a week and the pool once a week! As for Matt, well he is working like always. He has been working late a lot the last few week which stinks but it come with the job! The man loves his job so you will never hear him complain about it! We are hoping to do a day trip to VA beach before school starts but as for a summer vacation, well Disney was our vacation for the year! :)