Saturday, July 30, 2011

A sticker that fits...

Ever since I got rid of my Explorer and got my new car I have been looking for a new family decal for the back window. I had the turtles on my truck and I wanted something different this time! I am not a fan of the stick people mainly because all the males have hair and Matt does not! I LOVE the flip flops, but Matt did not want flip flops for his so I have been searching off and on since December and nothing. Well, here I am at 6:30am on a Saturday awake because I can't sleep and I start looking again. Finally I say forget it I am getting the flip flops, its going on MY car anyways! As I am searching for ones I like, I see a picture of a decal I know Matt will approve of! 

I am getting a blue flower on mine (my favorite color), boy flip flops for Logan instead of the boots, a pink flower on Abby's (her favorite color) and of course the two sets of paw prints for our boys! I think this will represent our little family very well!