Saturday, August 27, 2011

The wrath of mother nature!

I am sure we will all remember this week for the rest of our lives. The earthquake was VERY traumatic for me because yes I am a wimp and have no problem admitting it. That is why I know I married the best man in the world for me because he is my rock. I have never felt less in control then in that 30-40 seconds. My kids were up stairs and I was downstairs. When I felt it and dropped my laptop off my lap and ran to the stairs as my kids came running down the hall screaming. As I was on my way to the stairs I felt like I was in slow motion and couldn't get to them quick enough. I have heard parents say that before and never knew what they meant but unfortunately now I do. Once I got to them I had no clue what to do so we went to the basement. Once there I tried repeatedly to call Matt's two cell phones and no luck. After about 3-4 minutes of not being able to get ahold of him or anyone else, my mom finally called me. Once I answered the phone and she confirmed what I figured by then it was. I just began crying. I knew Matt was outside working in a substation so I got worried about him immediately. A minute into talking to my mom, Matt finally got through to me and I was so happy to hear his voice. I have been on edge ever since. Every little "rumble" sound makes me freeze. The aftershocks have not helped at all either! I am not sure what is worse, being awake when they happen or being woke up by them?!

Now with this hurricane, I know that Matt is going to have to work a LOT of the next couple of days. I know it comes with the job but I was really scared of being home alone AGAIN when something bad happened. So far the hurricane has not been to bad and he is still home but they do have over 20,000 members out of power. So, he does have to go in tomorrow morning at 6am but the hurricane will be out of here by then. The kids have no clue about the hurricane and I want that way because they have be scared enough for one week. The poor things ended up in our bed both nights because the aftershocks woke them up. With a little more then 3 months left in hurricane season I REALLY hope Irene is the only one that is going to come this way!

I hope everyone stays safe tonight and no one has any damage from the hurricane in the morning!