Friday, September 30, 2011

Abby's Sweet Shoppe under construction!

We really enjoy making the kids birthdays a big deal because it is not just for them it is for us too. It is a celebration of their birth and us becoming parents, which is the best thing we have ever been given! When we look back we want to be sure we gave them the best parties we could!

We have a little over 2 months until Ms. Abigail turns 5 years old. Theme is all picked out, here is a peek at an invitation I have been playing around with! I have picked up a few things over the last few months. I need to start stocking up on candy, which I am hoping will be on sale after halloween. From moment I picked the theme, I had always said I want an array of candy and sweets. No cake this year, I am pretty sure there will be enough sweet stuff! I am going to make cupcakes but how they are decorated is still in the planning stages. I have been on the look out for any candy decor and have had some luck! No more details until you get here and see it for yourself!

I have already started to think about Logan's for next year. He is getting harder because of his age. I know soon enough, I will really have no say in what the theme is. Until then, I am going to enjoy it! Umm, what would be good for an 8 year old?!?!?!

Logan's 7th Birthday!

Abby's 4th Birthday!