Friday, September 30, 2011

Foto Friday

A look at our week through my iPhone photos!!

  1. Logan is an amazing reader! He has to read every night for 25-30 mins for a weekly total of 120 mins!
  2. This is the smile that is on her face every Tuesday when we get to gymnastics.
  3. Showing off his monster trucks!
  4. She is ready to tumble!
  5. Abby and I being silly before bed!
  6. He looks so innocent but don't be fooled, LOL!
  7. Sweet, sweet sleeping girl with her "Pinky"!
  8. Matt and I before dinner out with friends.
  9. Just me!
  10. Ready for some FOOTBALL!
  11. Now this guy is usually innocent until he decides there is something down the street he wants.
  12. Play dress up in her favorite dress!
  13. Snickers peanut butter squares...YUMMY!
  14. My new love!!!!! <3 <3
  15. Redskins fan for life!
  16. My next tattoo...on my foot!