Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

  • I finally got an iPhone!
  • the  W H I T E  one!
  • well deserved if I do say so myself.
  • I put up with a POS phone for way to long.
  • I am a picture taking crazy woman with the thing.
  • Instagram...
  • can you say AWESOME!
  • I want to get the FULL value of it!
This is my actual iPhone! :)
  • we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese last Friday to play games.
  • ugh, that place just makes my nerves go all over the place, haha!
  • we have finally reached fall,! 
  • Next stop my second favorite season.
  • WINTER! 
  • why, you ask...CHRISTMAS!
  • I absolutly love the holiday season.
  • no, not just for the shopping I get to do!
  • getting back in the gym this week.
  • made it there yesterday and gave it my all.
  • not sure it was much but hey I got there.
  • the yard sale is coming up this weekend.
  • I am so excited for it.
  • hoping for a great turn out.
  • anything left is NOT, I repeat NOT coming back in this house.
  • off to goodwill it will go.
  • oh the football game...
  • I don't have much to say other than I still love my Skins!
  • 1.5 hours at the dinner table = great conversation with my hubby!
  • also means the kids got to bed late.
  • OOPS!!!
  • going to start a new weekly blog.
  • Foto Friday
  • our week in pictures!
  • so look out for it in a couple days!
  • Happy Hump Day everyone!