Friday, September 23, 2011

Proud Mama

I am so proud of Logan and how awesome he is doing in school! He had a rough year last year with talking and not staying on task. We never had problems with his grades which was the odd part in a way but then again look at his daddy! This year started off a little rocky but has improved greatly! Matt and I had a talk with him and explained that if he had a good week with all stickers on his behavior chart then on Friday's we would go do something fun. At first I felt like I was bribing him into behaving but like Matt told me, we are just rewarding him for doing a good job in school. That includes grades and behavior. This has seemed to really work. I don't feel like there is anything that we can take away at this age that will make him understand that we are upset with his bad behavior in school. He comes in the door on Fridays with a big grin asking so what are we doing tonight! I know then, without even looking at his chart, he must have had another awesome week!