Friday, October 14, 2011

Foto Friday

  1. Sassy girl...4 going on 16.
  2. My new decorations...they make it really feel like fall.
  3. Matt and I being goofy last Friday night.
  4. My big guy smiling that handsome smile I love so much!
  5. I could look at those faces for hours! <3
  6. Rainy day fun with Abby.
  7. Mommy and Logan date night at Cheeburger Cheeburger.
  8. Matt was given a little help during his date with Abby but said he didn't need it. ;)
  9. The kids love moving the candy corn every day to see how close we are getting to Halloween.
  10. Coffee on a Saturday morning with a side of Disney memories.
  11. The three loves of my life.
  12. They were so bored shopping for shoes with us at Kohl's.
  13. On my way to get my Sunday paper...a little mommy time.
  14. Matt and Abby before heading out on their date.
  15. My coupons...was not that impressed this week with the selection.
  16. More fall decorations...LOVE them!

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