Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Fun

    We had a wonderful, fun filled day at Graves Mountain Apple Festival. The kids were beyond excited to go apple picking. The day started out a bit rocky. Friday when I got home and went up stairs I noticed our ac was not working. That was at 2:30pm so there was no getting someone out here that night. We ended up having someone come Saturday morning at 8am to fix it. Abby stayed with my mom on Friday and had a girls night with her and my niece. Matt picked her up Saturday morning while I waited for the technician to get here. Once the technician was done and Matt got home with Abby we got on the road. Graves is about 35 miles from our house and took us about 50 mins to get there. Abby fell asleep on the way there, no doubt she was tired from her fun night with her cousin! Logan on the other hand stayed awake looking out the window and asking how much further.

    We arrived at Graves Mountain around 11:45am and it was beautiful out. A little winding a times but the temperature was perfect! We began our day looking at all the craft tents. The kids of course didn't enjoy that to much. We came across a tent for the kids to make colored sand bottles. They really enjoy that. We continued on from there looking at the rest of the craft tent before heading to get some lunch. We packed the kids something to eat because we were not sure what they would have there to eat and well, lets just be honest, we have two picky eaters. After eating lunch we took a few pictures by the little river and then a heading for the hayride. Abby was very excited for it and would not stop asking to ride it. It took us around through the apple orchard and back to where we started. I got some really pretty pictures of the views. After the hayride we got the kids some ice-cream before heading to go apple picking.

    The kids took off as soon as we got our box to put the apples in! I can't put into word how much we enjoyed watching their excited the whole time. Abby was so brave getting up on her Uncle Freddie's shoulders and getting those apple that were high up. Matt put Logan up a few time but he enjoyed climbing the trees more then being held up to get them. Matt and Freddie (Matt's brother) got in on the climbing fun too! It was a lot of up and down but the kids didn't complain one bit. They looked at every tree they passed and checked for apples. There was not very many left, we didn't know that the apple picking started in September. We still had a blast and can't wait to go back next year. We didn't take any of the apples we did pick because they just were not that great. The few (maybe 3-4) that we did find that were good we ate. It was around 4pm when we got done apple picking so we headed home. On the way the kids fell asleep fast! I think it is safe to say they were wore out from a very fun day!

Time with my three loves is always the best! We didn't get pumpkins while we were there because it just would have taken away from the whole pumpkin patch experience so we are going to do that another weekend. Here are some other picture from our day!


Freddie and Jessica

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