Saturday, October 8, 2011

Random Mommy Thoughts

    I have always wondered how other SAHM's start their day. Is it with a nice hot shower, a cup of coffee or like me with two little people asking for breakfast?! Do my kids think I am going to let them starve?! How about a nice "good morning mommy" or something. Of course not, I get the "I want breakfast" and if I don't get out of bed at the very moment then it turns into a whiny "I want breakfast". Really not the way this mommy likes to start her morning. My oldest will sometimes just go and grab a granola bar or pack of pop tarts and watch TV then ask for something more once I am up! Yes, he is a bottomless pit all day, everyday! My 4 year old is much more high maintenance! She wants waffles, pancakes, or cereal the first go around! I guess I can't blame her but give me 5 minutes to wake up, please!

    So this is how my mornings start... make breakfast for them then do all the morning school stuff, packing Logan's lunch, making sure everything is signed off on and back in his backpack before he leaves. Oh and lets not forget letting our furry kids outside to go potty! Then once he is off to school then I can think about a shower or coffee and figure out my day!

    I love staying busy but if only I could get a morning routine down, my days might be a little less hectic starting off!

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