Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

  • not even sure where to start this week.
  • there is so much on my mind.
  • lets stick with the fun stuff.
  • I am in a crazy decorating mood.
  • hence, the new blog look!
  • not just decorating though, I want to redo rooms.
  • Logan needs a more "grown-up" boy room, so that is a must!
  • I did get my shelf for above the fireplace...I LOVE IT!
  • we went out and got some great fall things to decorate it with!
  • I want to get more crafty and make more of my own Christmas decor.
  • love this picture frame look I found...

Source: via Krystle on Pinterest

  • I also like the wood block this one
  • maybe I can...right?!
  • blogging is starting to be a part of my everyday routine.
  • I love everything about it!
  • thank you everyone for voting for my blog!
  • my blog is #145 right now, out of over 1,000 blogs!
  • pretty good, huh?!
  • I am going full speed ahead in the next week or two for Abby's birthday!
  • her birthday girl shirt is ordered!
  • still looking for the right tutu to go with it.
  • this coming weekend is Graves Mountain!
  • fall pictures are coming up too and I know what we are wearing!
  • that's pretty good for me...knowing this far in advance! ;)

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