Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scrap booking...

    Finding the time to get all my stuff out and sit down to scrap book is just not happening these days. What I need is my own room where I do not have to worry about taking the stuff out and putting it all away each time I want to scrap book! I did Logan's baby book from birth to a year old. Then I put the rest of the pictures that I had printed already in a photo book. That is my other issue, I need to print all the pictures that I take with my digital camera and boy are there a LOT! I started on Abby's baby book when she was 6 or 7 months old but only got 4 pages done. I do have most of the pictures for her book printed, now to just get it done! I have been looking into the digital scrap booking. I think that more for me. I love designing things on the computer. I found this great website that has a lot of get digital stuff. I already purchase about 8 or so of the digital fonts. Can't wait to us them! Maybe I will give digital scrap booking a try after Abby's birthday party. I think I have plenty to do until then, with the party and all.

Anyone out there do digital scrap booking?!

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