Monday, October 10, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Matt and Abby had their date night! She was so excited and couldn't wait for Matt to get home! I gave her a shower and did her hair "flat" for her! That is what she calls it when I use the flat iron on her hair. We all headed to the mall and Matt dropped me and Logan off at Cheeburger Cheeburger for our date night! Then they headed into the mall to Chick Fil A.

Once they got there, they were greeted by a hostess and ...the Cow!  Abby DOES NOT like the Cow!  The hostess was very nice though, and politely told the cow to beat it! :)  They confirmed their "reservations" and then were seated by a waiter.  Pretty classy for Chick Fil A.  All of the tables were decorated with flashy confetti, candles, and red carnations.  After they were seated, the waiter took their drink orders.  When he returned with the drinks, he brought Abby a pink rose.  Abby was ecstatic that it was "Pink," her favorite color!  They ordered the usual nuggets and a fruit cup.  They were able to hold brief conversation, when Abby took breaks from looking for the Cow.

When dinner was over, they were surprised to find a limousine waiting for them outside.  They, along with three other daddy daughter couples,  took a ride in the limo.  Abby really liked the limo ride and got a kick out of riding sideways and not having to buckle.  Matt explained that a limousine was for special events like proms, parties, and weddings.  He asked her if she liked the limo and she said she hopes to ride in another one.  He proceeded to tell her that she could have one for her wedding because mommy and daddy would pay for her wedding.  She gave him the biggest smile, and a bear hug!

As for my "date night" with Logan, it was fantastic. Logan is a people watcher so holding conversation with him was hard but it was still fun. We talked about school and he told me that him and his friends had girls chasing them at recess today. As I sat and had dinner with him I just looked at him. I can't believe how mature he is getting. We both enjoyed chocolate milk shakes along with our yummy burgers!

All in all it was a great evening.  I think we will try to do a "date night or girl's night/boy's night out" with them once a month.

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Jeri Kleiber said...

We're lucky to have husbands that take the time to have "date night" with their daughters. My daughter gets more dates with her Daddy than I do. :) She LOVES going out with him!