Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

  • I'm starting to stress about Christmas shopping.
  • I know, I know its only October but lets be honest it only a little over 2 months away.
  • my list of stuff to do before Abby's party is steadily growing.
  • invitations have to go out no later than Nov 11th and in my eyes that's pushing it.
  • really thinking a day planner is in my future.
  • so don't make plans with me until further notice.
  • if we already have plans, remind me regularly.
  • really loving the smell of fall going on in my house these days.
  • Pumpkin Roll courtesy of Scentsy.
  • reminds me I need more!
  • hope you read the blog post about our Graves Mountain trip, it was a blast.
  • here is the link to it if you missed it.
  • thinking about coloring my hair DARK! 
  • like dark brown, almost black then getting some auburn highlights.
  • whatever I do, I need to do soon because our fall pictures are this Sunday.
  • oh and not to mention, my little grey friends are really showing.
  • our outfits are all bought except Abby's.
  • still looking for the perfect shirt!
  • someone picked my blog as one of their top 10 favorite blogs to read.
  • check out their blog post about it here.
  • well, until next week...

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