Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

  • 6 days until Halloween.
  • the kids are super excited!
  • I still need to get Abby some tights for her bubble bee costume.
  • we have so much planned this weekend.
  • Saturday - pumpkin patch then taking the kids for some early trick or treating with a friend.
  • Sunday - Fall Festival at the mall then carving pumpkins.
  • we did not getting fall pictures done because, even though I knew what colors I wanted us in, I could not find us all something that went together.
  • black must be the new brown because I couldn't find anything in brown for the kids.
  • Christmas pictures it will be!
  • probably better that way, then I will have a picture to put on our Christmas card!
  • started my Christmas shopping this week.
  • well, more like my internet browsing for the stuff I want to buy, to get prices and make a list!
  • I have a few things in mind for the kids but to be honest, I really don't want to buy them toys.
  • if you saw their playroom you would totally understand why.
  • Abby's invitations are done!
  • planning to do her birthday pictures next week!
  • so far I have made dinner at home three nights in a row!
  • yes, that is a big deal for me, so stop laughing!
  • so excited, my blog is #52, YAY!!!
  • thanks a bunch to everyone who has been voting, your the best!! <3

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