Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Frizz the Elf

I have wanted to start this tradition with the kids for the last two years but the stores were always sold out by time I got there to get one. Not this year!! Matt and I were at Target the night before Thanksgiving and there they were! We talked about when to have him "come". Finally, we decided to hide the book in the tote with the Christmas decorations so when we were unpacking it all the kids would find the book! Our idea is that he will come the morning after we put the tree up each year! They were a little unsure about it after we read the book, especially Abby. I mean come on, this is the kid that is scared to DEATH of the Chick Fil A cow and had us close her door last Christmas Eve so Santa would not come in her room! She is OK with him now though! After about 10 mintues of discussion they settled on the name Frizz.

I figured that to help them understand it more I would type up a letter for him to hold. I will do that each year! It is great that Logan can read because the next morning when they got up, Abby spotted him first, they came downstairs and he read the letter out loud! It was the sweetest, cutest moment. I only wish I would have gotten a picture. They enjoy finding his new spot each morning. Frizz has been in many different spots like, the top of the Christmas tree, hanging from the corner of the TV, and today he is sitting on top of the curtain rod in the living room. They kids were both worried that daddy would be mad because he was touching the screen of his TV yesterday when he was hanging from the corner. We all know how much Matt LOVES his TV! ;) He has not gotten into anything at night yet but I am sure the kids will get a big kick out of it when he does!

Here is a pictures from the morning he came!

Their gifts from Frizz the morning he came!
 Here is where he is hanging out this morning!

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