Monday, November 21, 2011

Party, Party, Party!!

With only two weeks until the big Sweet Shoppe party for our sweet Abigail, I have LOTS to do! I am almost done with her banner, the lollipop topiary tree, and getting all the candy I need!

Let me talk about this topiary tree...It was super easy to make but you would not believe the amount of lollipops this thing took. I am going to have a guessing game to see who can guess how many are on it. A prize will be given for the closest guess! I am still thinking about making a gum drop wreath. I also picked up the cutiest pinata then other day. I am not going to put candy in because there is going to be plenty of that. I picked up a few things that will fit in it but still trying to find a few more things. I printed Abby's birthday pictures out and did a little project with them!

Can't wait for it all to come together that day!! I will be posting pictures and a blog about it so you can see how it all looked! :)

Sneak peak of the lollipop topiary tree!

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