Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A few weeks ago I bought a Cricut Create and after one day of using it, it stopped recognizing my cartridge when I turned on the machine. I am so mad because I was using it to make things for Abby's party. After calling Provo Craft and them having me try some different things, it still was not working. They told me they would get another one sent out to me but first I had to mail them the broken one. I didn't have time to wait for all that to happen so I went in search of another one for a good deal online.

I got that one on ebay for online $50 so I checked there first but nothing. So I started searching the internet and came across hsn.com. They had an amazing deal on one. You got the machine, 4 cartridges, and a few other things for only $149.99. I figured I will just resell the new one Provo Craft sends me and get my $50 back. I love ebay and have never had a problem selling stuff on there!

The new one from hsn.com will be here today and the one I sent back just got to them today according to the tracking info. I am so glad I ordered the hsn.com one! I only have a little less then two weeks before her party so I will be in high gear starting today when it arrives.

I have also decided to put some pictures of the things I make on etsy.com. I LOVE doing this kind of stuff and it would be great to make a little money doing it! ;) So, if you are in need of a birthday banner, invitations, or anything else for a party then check out my etsy store here! I am still adding things so check often!

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